Our approach

Why bother talking about content in terms of media companies?

Because in the age of the internet, and where decent content marketing can be largely automated, a focus beyond leads is vital.

Every competitor can utilise the internet in the same way for content marketing: that’s now the baseline, and ‘content marketing’ will continue to mean less and less for growth.

Content, therefore, should build audience – beyond your customers and target users. It must stand as a potentially monetisable product in its own right.

This will mean owning topics that are of macro importance, helpful to specific groups, and that capitalise on the knowledge of the individuals in your company.

It means competing with the traditional media companies that speak about and explain your market.

Over time, it will mean companies creating circular economies for themselves: educating individuals who then become their employees and customers.

Consider the software company that inspires and trains engineers and future builders; the healthtech that does the same for doctors.

This is how HSG approaches content.

We’ve honed our craft, working with over 50 fast-growth tech companies and investors.

Some of the ingredients that get us there are listed below. We look forward to hearing from you.
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Messaging & Positioning

If you haven’t nailed your message, or your positioning in relation to GTM, it can be hard to embark on a coherent content build-out. We bottom out and document this, typically through a value story, priming your business for a content function build-out. 

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Strategy & Planning

You need to know why you’re producing content, for whom and what that content should be. We’ll bottom this out, then set goals and OKRs that tie content to revenue growth. Day-to-day, we work alongside you via your HSG Slack channel and content dashboard – a god view of everything being produced and how to utilise it. 

Thought Partnership & Production

We will run production of content end-to-end. We live in the trenches: we’ll ideate with and for you, provide thought partnership to leadership, spin up social copy and pull out multiple pieces of content from one source. We enhance our content with high-level expert research, data visualisation and journalism-as-a-service.

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Audience development & distribution

Producing content is only worthwhile if you can demonstrate its impact. We get your content in front of an audience (not just potential leads) – sometimes down to specific individuals. We’re concerned with how the content is being engaged with, not simply that it is.

The full content stack

Video & audio are our newest areas of focus, but we approach them in the same way we do written content: your business goals, and the stories that get you there.

Our video and audio capabilities are led by two former senior BBC video journalists and producers, who work across the HSG client base.

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And the stuff that isn’t on the rate card...

  • Journalism-as-a-service: your story, their tier-one byline.
  • Design, end-to-end – across all content.
  • Strategic content, from state-of-the-market to annual reports. 
  • Data analysis & visualisation, to add insight and potency to your story.
  • Expert research, to uplevel content – including sourcing and interviews. 
  • Original research, including survey creation and fieldwork – to fuel a market-leading report.
  • Speechwriting, keynotes and thought partnership.
  • Translation & transcreation of the content we produce.

Strategic sessions we can spin up when you need them.

  • Messaging Injections: Distilling your value story for your audience.
  • Content Consumption Report: What does your audience read?
  • Perception audits: What does your audience think about and know of you?
  • Video workshops: Learn how to bake video into your content strategy.
  • Fund messaging & pitching workshops – getting you “institution-ready”.

Harriet and her team are the best providers I've ever worked with; process, turnaround and quality of work. I couldn't recommend them highly enough.

Vlad Radu — Head of Growth, Moonfare